Animation workshop in the collective Ojo Chile organized by Niles Atallah during the social uprising on October 18, 2019 in Santiago, Chile. The workshop took place in the CCC in Santiago, Chile from October to December 2019 and included the participation of over 80 students. Footage that the students filmed on the streets during the protests were brought to the workshop, printed frame by frame and intervened manually by the students.

The above film is a short collective work made during the workshop. The short premiered in the section “Archivo en Proceso” in FIDOCS in Santiago, Chile.

The videoclip HOMBRE by Camila Moreno was also made in the workshop along with a variety of short animation videos that were launched by #OjoChile and distributed in social media during the uprising.

(Photos by Camila Urban and other students who participated in the workshop in Santiago in 2019.)