Video for Valentino
Produced by Asmara Films and Diluvio for Vogue Italia and ICE

Part of the exhibition “8 Short Videos X 8 Long Stories” organized by Vogue Italia and the Italian Trade Comission in New York, September 9, 2013.


Video created by Niles Atallah (direction, photography, sound, art, animation, editing, etc.)
Dress from Valentino.
Produced by Asmara Films and Diluvio 2013
Rights belong to VOGUE ITALIA

Technical Information

Duration: 3:30 min.
Ratio: 16:9
Technique: Stop motion animation
Format: iPhone 4S photos
Sonido: Stereo
Color: Color
Language: no dialogues
Country: Chile and Italy
Production: Diluvio and Asmara Films
Año: 2013

Production Stills

IMG_1377-copy-web IMG_1380-copy-web

IMG_1385-copy-web rey_tests_earth_01_IMG_1359-web